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We were water & air

is a collaborative art piece

about our relationship with Nature.

Water and Air

At the origins of human existence, we were water and air, we were children of the sky and the sea, the wind and the rain. While our modern society was growing, we forgot the original connection we have with the elements, we lost the powerful ressource that link all living species on Earth : water and air. We Were Water and Air (WWWA) is born to raise awareness about our relationship with Nature, to engage people through a participative art piece, to make visible the invisible.

Art to reconnect with Nature

Environmental and social questions require action to avoid destruction. WWW&A aims to put the relationship between human beings and Nature back at the centre of current considerations in contemporary art. We firmly believe that the art of the 21st century will be world-conscious, participative, and multimedia-based.

Our objetive

Over the next two years, we’ll be gathering materials through digital and real-world collaborations to create a one-of-a-kind art exhibition. Bottles, photographies, videos, silent piece, testimonials… All the material will reflect our global perception and memory of Nature ; and will contribute to a more respectful relationship between Nature and mankind, via the medium of art.

How to get involved ?

Take a breath.

Take part in #OneBreathForEarth 

With #OneBreathForEarth we aim to create the longest collaborative silence for Nature. We invite people to hold their breath during 30 seconds or 1 minute, film theirselves and share the video on Instagram with a dedicated hashtag.

On a global scale, #OneBreathForEarth looks like a minute of silence, it symbolizes a warning ; on the scale of a person, hold your breath is like an intimate experience with yourself, a way to rediscover the importance of Air.

#OneBreathForEarth is the first artistic and participative material We Were Water & Air will collect.


Share through the world your silent piece and make aware your engagement for Nature.

1. Film yourself holding your breath for max. one minute. 

2. Share your video on Instagram with your location and the hashtag #OneBreathForEarth.

3. WWW&A will share your post on its website and Instagram account.

We create art together

to make visible the invisible

The art piece we created to materialize water, air and first of all our memory of Nature is the HydrOcaHedron (HOH).

Inspired by ancient sculptures designed to invite the viewer’s touch, the HOH is a shape combining a Platonic solid ‘shell’ with water and air. It is also a reference to Magritte’s surrealist artworks and Marcel Duchamps contemporaneous work about perception. 

Each HOH is unique, as are the elements it contains, for a sculpture that’s as individual and subtly different as we are. 

The HOH will help to make the invisible visible. It’s our artistic and collaborative way of transcending the relation between water, air, and living species. As such, it will become the symbol of the connection between Human and Nature.

We Were Water & Air

is a worldwide community

We Were Water & Air is a community of more than 2000 participants over the world.

We Were Water

The founder of the project is Sidney Regis (b. 1979, Guadeloupe), a multidisciplinary artist based in France, 

Over the last 25 years, Sidney has worked with/in water:
– as a world-class free diver (two national records),
– as an underwater model (for « Songs of Sea » by Gregory Colbert),
– in collaboration with scientific programs (including international research with the CNRS),
– and as an artist, focusing on water as his medium and primary source of inspiration.

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